President Director of PT Mukti Mandiri Lestari, Wawan Budiawan, stated that PT Mukti Mandiri Lestari, as a business leader in e-waste management in Indonesia, is not only put the concern on the business side, but also for the environment for future generation. PT Mukti promotes the handling of e-waste in environmentally friendly ways to any e-waste generator stakeholders, including manufacturers, OEMs, large multinational enterprises, service providers, local government agencies and communities.

E-waste contains numerous toxins which can be dangerous if it’s not disposed properly, as it can cause environmental pollution and health hazards. Moreover, some parts of e-waste still can be recovered and recycled. PT Mukti Mandiri Lestari proudly does the honors as a leader to offer a complete and highly efficient solution for eco-friendly management end-of-life electronic assets.