What We Do

The specialty of IBCSD is because it represents its member companies to cover all aspects of sustainable development in business. Therefore, member engagement in IBCSD program is highly promoted and encouraged.

IBCSD Strategic Role


Promoting sustainability / Awareness and Capacity building

Case Study Development, Seminars, Workshop, Business Dialogue, Media Engagement, Newsletter, Website, Social Medias, Special Event; Responsible Business Forum & Sustainable Business Award


Program and Project Development 

Ecosystem, Water, Energy, Human Rights, Waste Management, New Business Model (Inclusive Business – Circular Economy), Community Development, Food Loss and Waste



FGD, Workshop, Courtesy Visit, White Paper, Media



Indonesia Vision 2050, Vision 2050 Refresh, CSR Mapping, Impact of Sustainability Reporting, Possible Private Sector Engagement for Inclusive Food System


  • IBCSD provide services to its member companies through ensuring a sustainable business activity through developing the roadmap to sustainability; developing a strategic plan, network building, promotion of the member’s best practices, and capacity building. Join our Green Lifestyle program & Indonesia Vision 2050 refresh!
  • IBCSD builds the business case on sustainable development and gives access to a business thinking art to anticipate the upcoming trend.
  • IBCSD increase knowledge through sharing and exchange information, capacity building, and collaborate with multi-stakeholder. Take advantage from our program such as the “Greener Business, Better Workplace”, Sustainability Reporting, and Science Based Target.
  • IBCSD gives an opportunity to its member companies to be a benchmark of sustainable development in Indonesia.
  • IBCSD enable its member companies to have a global access with a global initiative and perspective to several sustainability actions. Join our program on The Tropical Forest Alliance 2020!
  • IBCSD participate on policy advocacy either in general or sectoral through a credible business platform; it brings a collective business voice to improving policy and regulations, and influence policy decision and bilateral agreements for business progress and innovation. Take part on our events!