Redefining Value

Redefining Value helps companies measure and manage risk, gain competitive advantage, and seize new opportunities by understanding environmental, social and governance (ESG) information.

We do this by building collaborations and developing tools, guidance, case studies, engagement, and education opportunities to help companies incorporate ESG performance into mainstream business and finance systems.

Our goal is to improve?decision-making?and?external?disclosure, eventually transforming the?financial system?to reward the most?sustainable?companies.

Indonesia Vision 2050

This project is led by UN Environment Programme globally, while Capitals Coalition is responsible for the business engagement and IBCSD is the country partner for the project implementation in Indonesia. There are five major activities in this project, i.e develop specific guidance for agribusinesses ; foster strong network among agribusinesses and other stakeholders; hold roundtables by including public and private sector, government and NGO to inform the guidelines; hold training session for agribusinesses to apply the guidelines; and build an evidence base from business pilot applications of the guidelines.


Sustainability Management and Reporting

IBCSD will continue to provide capacity building supports for the member companies and partners to improve their sustainability reporting as part of their sustainability journey. IBCSD will collaborate with related partners that have expertise in the area.

Reporting Exchange

Sustainability reporting is important to advance sustainable practices among businesses. At global level, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) developed the Reporting Exhange initiative as a comprehensive resource for sustainability reporting in partnership with CDSB and Ecodesk.