Cities and Mobility

Cities and mobility is a critical area to achieve Sustainable Development Goals, in particular in the countries where urbanization has been going very rapidly. For example, more than 55% of the Indonesian population lives in urban areas (2018). This figure is predicted to increase to 70% by 2025. The increasing urban population means that more resources and infrastructures, such as housing, transportation, water, and sanitation are needed to meet the people’s needs.

This rapidly increasing urbanization entails both risks and opportunities in terms of sustainable development. In the former, for example, urban road transport is one of the largest contributors to GHG emissions in Indonesia with around 28% (2018). And in the latter, a large investment is needed to build sustainable cities and mobility that can reach around 3,7 trillion USD by 2030 at the global level.
This program area aims to promote awareness, increase knowledge and skills, and develop piloting when the opportunity is in place among the private sector in collaboration with other related stakeholders to address risks and opportunities in developing sustainable cities and mobility.