TEEB Agrifood

The Economics of Ecosystem and Biodiversity for Agriculture and Food or known as TEEBAgriFood is the EU funded project to protect biodiversity and contribute to a more sustainable agriculture and food sector in seven EU partner countries: Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico and Thailand.

This project is led by UN Environment Programme globally, while Capitals Coalition is responsible for the business engagement and IBCSD is the country partner for the project implementation in Indonesia. There are five major activities in this project, i.e develop specific guidance for agribusinesses ; foster strong network among agribusinesses and other stakeholders; hold roundtables by including public and private sector, government and NGO to inform the guidelines; hold training session for agribusinesses to apply the guidelines; and build an evidence base from business pilot applications of the guidelines.

The roundtable is a consultative discussion for the TEEBAgriFood guideline and acts as a precursor to a series of a free training program targeted to business representatives on the practical business case and how to improve business decision-making based on assessments of impacts and dependencies on nature and people through the TEEBAgriFood guidelines.