Green Lifestyle Initiative

To support the achievement of Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG 12), IBCSD has implemented green life style program since 2017.

The first phase (2017-2019) resulted in the development of strategy, action plan and the commitment of 13 companies to achieve responsible consumption and production as part of their journey towards sustainable business.


Tropical Forest Alliance 2020

Preserving and restoring forests is critical to averting the most dangerous climate change and achieving global goals. According to the latest IPCC report, about 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions are tied to deforestation; with up to 20% of all the abatement potential identified in the land-use sector. Forests are also extremely important to food security, water security and livelihoods, so that conserving and restoring forests feature prominently in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) approved in 2015 by the United Nations

IBCSD Programs

IBCSD as an association led by CEOs who have a shared commitment in promoting sustainable development, using SDG as one of the guidelines for the implementation of programs and projects We target the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through six work programs to achieve systems transformation.


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IBCSD Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development

IBCSD Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development


A CEO-led association of companies in Indonesia for more sustainable business.

PwC 2021 Consumer Intelligence Series on ESG reported that consumers think companies should actively implement ESG practices beyond compliance. Increasing number of consumers rewarding companies who invest for sustainable improvement in their business. Importantly, the number of conscientious consumers is continuously growing since the emergence of the climate crisis and post-pandemic events. By all means, businesses are expected to show their progress in advancing environmental and social issues to gain the long-term advantage of ESG. #IBCSD #esg #sdgs #sustainabilityinsight #environmental #social #governance #climatechange #sustainablebusiness #circulareconomy ... See MoreSee Less
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CO2 emissions are the major contributor to the climate crisis. The global world has been racing to reduce the emitted CO2 in order to keep the planet's rising temperature below 1.5 degree C to minimize the impact of climate change. This International Reducing CO2 Emissions Day should be a momentum to amplify every action and movement we have taken. Have your businesses implemented efforts to reduce CO2 emissions? Businesses and industries hold a significant role in reducing global CO2 emissions to be more sustainable. To start, businesses should identify and map their emission sources, collect and calculate the emissions, and finally commit to the effort in achieving the net-zero goal. Find a full-range of information, from companies’ stories on their journey towards net-zero to how to join KADIN Net Zero Hub on our website: #netzero #climatechange #climatecrisis #emissions #energytransition #reduceemissions ... See MoreSee Less
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Climate change is one of the driving forces for companies to take ESG action, but it is not merely the reason. Companies that prioritize ESG practices can reduce costs by being more efficient in the operational and more waste-conscious. They also can avoid high costs related to litigation issues by implementing product and supply chain ethics, saving them money in the long run.Swipe right for more about why businesses should implement ESG!#IBCSD #climatechange #ESG #sustainability ... See MoreSee Less
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Happy Chinese New Year 2023! We hope that this Year of the Rabbit will bring many changes to environmental, economic and social development. Gong Xi Fa Cai! #IBCSD #sustainable #CHINESENEWYEAR2023 ... See MoreSee Less
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ESG plays an important role in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The emergence of the ESG principle was initiated by the awareness that business and investment activities are not only for profit-seeking but must have a significant impact on the environment and society.So, keep up on our social media for next information on ESG!#IBCSD #sustainabilityinsight #sdgs #esg #quotes #sustainablebusiness #climatechange #greeneconomy ... See MoreSee Less
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As business people, it is important for us to make sustainable investments to carry out efficient operations without provoking social and environmental disruptions. Companies cannot be separated from social responsibilities and concerns for the surrounding environment. Therefore, it is crucial that businesses recognize Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) as the components of the business' operations.So, What is ESG? To discover more, swipe!#IBCSD #ESG #Sustainability #environmental #social #governance ... See MoreSee Less
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