Parnership to Strengthen Transparency for Co-Innovation or known as PaSTI is a cooperation project between the Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas) and Ministry of Environment Japan (MoOJ). PaSTI aims to enhance co-innovation between the government, non-state actors and the global community to improve the transparency framework pertaining to the reduction of greenhouse gas emmion and to achieve Indonesia’s climate goal in its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC).

Bappenas coordinate the efforts among related line ministries that include Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Reources. WRI Indonesia and Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center Japan support the implementation of the project. IBCSD involved in this project, in particular to promote the participation of private sector together with the other non-state actors to report their greenhouse gas emission and climate reduction activities. PaSTI is also expected to develop various schemes, including incentive scheme required for the functioning of one-gate reporting system so that non-state actors including private sector can report through this system.