Children’s Right & Business Principles

Children are integral part of business stakeholders as companies interact with children on a daily basis, as consumers, community members, children of employees and customers, even in some cases as workers. However, not all business consider adequately children’s issues.

Respecting and supporting children’s rights can simultaneously bring benefits for business itself. Among them are to achieve better risks management; build reputation and help secure the ‘social licence to operate; recruit and retain a motivated workforce; develop the next generation of talent and contribute to a stable and sustainable business environment. Being aware of this, IBCSD in collaboration with UNICEF Indonesia conduct learning sessions on Children’s Rights and Business Principles (CRBP) and other related tools. The CRBP are the first set of principles that identify a comprehensive range of actions that all business should take to respect and support children’s rights in everything they do – in the workplace, marketplace, community and environment – and in conjunction with the government’s duty to protect human and children’s rights.