Sustainability Management and Reporting

IBCSD will continue to provide capacity building supports for the member companies and partners to improve their sustainability reporting as part of their sustainability journey. IBCSD will collaborate with related partners that have expertise in the area.

For example, IBCSD collaborates with GRI to help first-time reporters with basic knowledge and technical skills of sustainability reporting using GRI standards, digital platform and data. IBCSD will also promote the use of global resources on sustainable reporting, such as the Reporting Exchange Platform to improve corporate reporting on sustainability. In particular, with emphasis on quality corporate sustainable reporting that reflects on their significant performant and impacts. IBCSD will also continue to collaborate with government partners that have authority and mandate relating to sustainability reporting, in particular BAPPENAS dan Financial Services Authority (OJK). The aim is to help the alignment of different standards and requirements on sustainability reporting that will not create extra burden for business sector. Instead, the government partners can develop more policy and incentivise system driving business actions in sustainability.


The roundtable is a consultative discussion for the TEEBAgriFood guideline and act as a precursor to a series of a free training program targeted to business representatives that will start on June 2021 on the practical business case and how to improve business decision-making based on assessments of impacts and dependencies on nature and people. To participate in the training, please register here.