IBCSD Green Lifestyle Program

Strengthening Collaborative Actions for Sustainable Consumption and Production

The Green Lifestyle program is a multi-stakeholder platform to support the national agenda of SDG 12, Responsible Consumption and Production.

Through the first phase of the program (2017-2019), Green Lifestyle had delivered strategies, action plans and commitments from multi-sectoral companies to support responsible consumption and production as a part of their journey towards more sustainable business.

The following second phase (2020-2021) aims to facilitate an inclusive process of coordination among different actors in accelerating business collaborative actions in the frame of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP). The program provides the members a platform for knowledge sharing, capacity building, campaign to create the demand of sustainable products, and dialogue with the policy maker. Through Green Lifestyle, companies can access to the resources to drive the implementation of SCP, such as Sustainable Sourcing Guideline, Sustainable Sourcing Monitoring & Evaluation tool, and other insightful information towards sustainable business practices.
For more information, kindly find the Green Lifestyle Program Handbook.

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Working Group

Food & Agriculture

Fashion & Beauty

Natural Rubber

Plastic & Packaging

Pulp, Paper & Packaging

Building & Infrastructure


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