Benefit of Membership

Membership of the IBCSD is open to Indonesia companies and foreign companies that are registered entities in Indonesia.

The IBCSD is member led, member driven and funded by members through the payment of an annual membership fee. Membership requires the commitments of the company at CEO level, though day-to-day company engagement is managed by an assigned Liaison Delegate of Senior Vice President or Director level. This senior management commitment is critical to the success of the IBCSD, and equally important for the member company.


Benefits Practical Focus:

  • Being part of a multi-sector business group concerned with the practical delivery of SD linked to enhanced business opportunities and global competitiveness.
  • Anticipation of emerging trends in social/environmental issues with impact on business.
  • Implementation of SD projects in partnerships, increasing stakeholder trust and support.
  • Development of special programs for SMEs.

Knowledge Sharing:

  • Sharing best practices and experiences across companies, sectors and countries.
  • Access to cutting-edge information and training on business and SD.
  • Active participation in working groups that benefit a company’s SD performance.
  • Specialized publications and newsletters to showcase case-studies and best practice

Networking and public influence:

  • Nurture relationships with policy makers and government agencies.
  • Influence public opinion, NGOs and other business groups.
  • Participate in policy decision-making and develop recommendations that benefit the business community.
  • Establish platforms for members to dialogues and forge working partnerships with stakeholders to secure the license to operate, manage reputation risks, and gain competitive advantage.
  • Gain credibility and reputation by “walking the talk”.
  • Positive public and media exposure.