The IBCSD – TFA secretariat opens recruitment for Technical Consultant, with the following scope of work (job description):

Development of  Technical Terms of Reference (ToR)  during the workshop with consortium

  1. Conduct Literature Research on EUDR-related publications, related to sectoral focuses: rubber, palm oil, cacao.
  2. Conduct bilateral meetings or attend FGDs with sectoral stakeholders to collect data and information across smallholders and business sectors. These interactions will provide valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities in the rubber, palm oil, and cacao sectors. 
  3. Together with consortium partners, we identify and curate strategic stakeholders and/or actors related to the targeted audiences from smallholder and business groups, 
  4. Develop and Finalize Terms of References with consortium partners.


  1. Graduate degree or higher, with relevant field experiences to the EUDR context and issues, and deforestation-free and conversion-free Agri-commodity supply chain.
  2. Proven track record and experience in engaging key issues of deforestation-free and conversion-free Agri-commodity supply chain with smallholders and businesses.
  3. Comprehensive understanding and knowledgeable of relevant stakeholders within smallholders, businesses, CSOs/NGOs, and governments that are relevant to enrich discussion in the context of Technical EUDR.
  4. Demonstrating capacity in facilitation skills, critical and analytical skills.
  5. Fluency in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Please submit your CV and one pager experiences relevant to the required position to Janne Siregar at [email protected], at the latest by 30  June 2024