The Tropical Forest Alliance Southeast Asia, a multi-stakeholder platform, is crucial in facilitating a shared understanding of the EUDR. With Indonesia and Malaysia are involved, this platform is about disseminating information and fostering a collaborative environment. Through the EUDR Technical Dialogue Facilitation, we aim to identify best practices and challenges together in Indonesia and Malaysia. The dialogue is focused on growers, operators, and smallholders to strengthen the agriculture sector’s transition toward EUDR compliance and integrate smallholders into sustainable supply chain productions.


The TFA SEA secretariat opens recruitment for OPERATION COORDINATOR to support TFA SEA as the lead consortium with the following scope of work (job description):

  1. Convening of Events: to ensures event preparation is delivered according to the objective, executed on time, and complies with donor requirements that apply to the lead consortium and partners.
    1. Pre-Events:
      1. Venue selections and form bidding updates, vendor selection and coordination, and all required documentation are prepared, including on-line meeting arrangement for hybrid events.
      2. Prepare event monitoring check-list, coordinate with partners and vendors, and organize technical event preparation.
  • Participant confirmation, i.e., list-tracker preparation, updates, and confirmation of invitees.
    1. Event promotion and communications, such as preparation of poster/flyers, mail chimp distributions, etc.
    2. Event Organization Support
  • On-Events: to ensure smooth operation event flow; hence, it is well coordinated, communicated, and monitored.
    1. During the event, i.e., reconfirmation of the invitees, on-site event monitoring, logistic support, support the coordination of progress trackers with the lead.
    2. Responsible of smooth operation of events from start to end.
  • Post-Events: to ensure events are communicated to event participants, TFA stakeholders, and post event reports are submitted on-time.
    1. Administrative documentation: partners’ and vendors’ contracts and other financial reports (receipts, travels) related to the event are submitted to the finance department.
    2. Event report dissemination: ensure development of the report, documentation, design and layout, and approval from related and or key partners; disseminate the final report.
  1. General Support: to ensures administrative compliance in donor’s requirements; hence, all processes must be documented, paper trail must be kept, and budget monitored according to work plan.
    • Management of work plans, which includes workplan monitoring, coordination, meetings, and follow-ups with partners and/or consultants and vendors.
    • Updating and reporting of workplan progress as per agreed schedule.
    • Ensuring the event’s procurement, contractual, and so forth – complies with donors’ requests.
    • Ensuring that payment and invoice are properly documented in accordance with donor’s requirements and that payment are coordinated so that payment can be made timely (on-time).
    • Coordinate financial tracking and report of consortium members periodically.



  1. An undergraduate degree in a relevant field is crucial as it lays the foundation for the job role.
  2. A minimum of 3 years of professional experience in a relevant organization managing B2B relationships is essential, demonstrating your capability to handle the job.
  3. Computer literacy and advanced skills in Microsoft Office (especially in Excel and Power Point) are vital for the job.
  4. Professional, hard worker & have dedication to work outside working hours
  5. Support other General Affairs operations & administration.
  6. Good understanding of the deforestation-free agenda, commodity production, and its links to the broader climate change agenda.
  7. High standards of professionalism and integrity, actively promoting ethics and compliance within the team.
  8. Ability to communicate professionally and effectively with various partners from different backgrounds.
  9. Strong problem-solving skills and a can-do attitude.
  10. Fluency in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Please submit your CV to Janne Siregar at [email protected], at the latest by the 30th of April 2024