1. Decarbonizing the Value Chain

The panel presented representatives from the FMCG sector (PT Nestlé Indonesia), the chemical industry (PT BASF Indonesia), and the fashion industry (H&M Indonesia). Each panellist discussed their respective value chain decarbonization strategies and challenges in detail. The three agreed on the importance of having data and knowledge on products that would be linked by various industrial actors and would cause emissions at each stage of the value chain. Additionally, it highlighted the importance of mapping the source of produced emissions before developing scientific decarbonization actions.

  1. Call for Ambitions: Hard to Abate Industries

This session discussed the decarbonization strategy of core industries that have supported world growth and development, including, cement, steel, petrochemicals and fertilizers. Decarbonization requires ongoing innovation in fuels, raw materials, and manufacturing techniques. Therefore, ambitious yet realistic planning and a long-term outlook are crucial for these fundamental businesses.

  1. Decarbonizing the Power Grid

The panel discussion was attended by Ika Noviera (Director of Corporate Affairs Multi Bintang Indonesia), Eka Satria (President Director of Medco Power Indonesia), Ken Haig (Head of Energy and Environmental Policy Asia Pacific & Japan of Amazon Web Services), and Agung Wicaksono (Director Main PT Jababeka Infrastructure). In this discussion discussing the private sector industry sees the decarbonization of the national electricity sector as something that must be done more quickly, because the demand for electricity is projected to increase threefold in 2015-2030 as the population increases, in addition consumers both individuals and industry have demanded clean energy as a conditions for investing in the country.

  1. Corporate Climate Governance

The fourth panel was held by Onnie Ang (Chief Executive Officer of Danone Indonesia), Sihol P. Aritonang (President Director of PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper), Shahril Azuar Jimin (Chief Sustainability Officer of Maybank), and Anne Patricia Sutanto (Vice President Director of PT Pan Brothers Tbk.). The role of leadership, especially corporate governance in the business context, will be the main topic of discussion on this panel. It plays a crucial role in making sure that every pledge to take climate action is properly planned and carried out, ensuring that no individual or organization is left behind in the movement during this time of transition.

  1. Engagement Through the Financial Sector

The last session of the Summit opened a discussion involving the financial sector to decarbonize the industry. In this panel discussion HSBC, Schroder Indonesia, and IAI explored the steps that have been taken to encourage investment destination companies to implement sustainable principles and incorporate them into action plans as one of the important variables for investment decisions.