As part of the Indonesia SDGs series, IBCSD collects best practices on the initiatives from the IBCSD member companies to show how private sector has contributed to the SDGs in Indonesia. These stories are expected not only to showcase the concrete actions that companies have taken part in achieving SDGs, but it is also a very useful tool to share the process, results, impacts, challenges and lessons learned on the different initiatives of a wide variety of the SDGs. Knowledge exchange on what works on the ground can be a good pillar for strengthening capacity among relevant stakeholders in achieving SDGs.

The documentation on Private Sector Contribution to Achieve SDGs in Indonesia consists of 59 program stories that are collected from the IBCSD’s 24 member companies. These programs are spread in 24 provinces across Indonesia. The beneficiaries cover around 534,537 individuals; 57,015 households and 682 villages. For more detailed stories, please download and read the full document.