The objective is to enhance the inclusive closed-loop partnership model, which is the primary approach in the agricultural sector to increase productivity, potential, and welfare of vulnerable smallholders of oil palm and cocoa to increase Indonesia’s cocoa and palm oil output.

Scope of Works

The consultant will develop a roadmap for sustainable palm oil and cocoa in a jurisdiction with details of the proposal as follow:

  1. Stakeholder mapping for the cocoa and palm oil industries at the jurisdictional level.
  2. Building an inclusive closed-loop partnership model, specifically a workflow to link farmers with companies, financial institutions, and the government for assistance, to increase productivity and welfare of smallholder oil palm and cocoa producers.
  3. Create directions and programs to support Government policies related to climate change commitments at the jurisdictional level.
  4. Develop green growth strategies and models with key stakeholders at the jurisdictional level by ensuring the sustainability of deforestation-free commodities and supply chains.

Document to submit

  • 2 Strategic Proposal max. 25 pages for each topic Cacao and Palm Oil 
  • Quotation for the 2 strategic proposal plan
  • For further details please download the Terms of Reference: https://rebrand.ly/TORTFARoadmap 

All documents should be submitted via email to jean@tropicalforestalliance by July 15, 2022