During their visits, the WRAP UK International Director and Program Manager met with the Government Representatives from the Ministry of National Development Planning (BAPPENAS), Ministry of Agriculture National Food Agency, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Danish Embassy, Sintesa Groups, and the Steering Committee of GRASP2030 to deliver GRASP2030 as Indonesia’s strategic plan – discussing the collaboration opportunities and support presented by such a transition of FLW sub-national activity, direct funding, and of how the Public-Private-Partnership can support Indonesia to tackle food loss and waste. 


As Mr. Swannell said at GRASP 2030 Steering Committee Meetings, “It’s become a more important time for us to redouble our efforts, reduce the food loss and waste, get more food to those who are in need, reduce GHG and help businesses to reduce costs over that period because food waste is such a significant cost.” He would like to thank all GRASP 2030 stakeholders for the progress made so far and urge the stakeholders in thinking to redouble the efforts, to go faster to deliver more cost savings that would increase the donations because the world needs this.

Furthermore, the government hopes that GRASP2030 would help them develop a roadmap, policies, and regulations for Indonesia’s strategy for tackling FLW as well as accelerating business best practices principles. There is an appetite for the strategic FLW actions and technical assistance that can be brought. Work is ongoing preparing a Private-Public Partnership draft to assess the policy approach and funding to bring the Target-Measure-Act principle anticipated to the sub-national activity.

The GRASP2030 is a Voluntary Agreement (VA), that will bring a collective commitment and action to support the global goal of halving food loss and waste by 2030, thus increasing the environmental, social, and economic benefits for the participating organizations and for Indonesia. Currently, GRASP 2030 has 20 signatories, including 9 Core Signatories for businesses who are passionate about reducing the FLW and 11 Associate Signatories who act as supporting actors to achieve the goals.

WRAP UK is IBCSD’s Strategic Partner in delivering the GRASP 2030 initiative and has been considered the champion of food waste and loss initiatives. Therefore, Indonesia could learn and replicate the best practice of international experience. WRAP is headquartered in London, UK, and they have already been involved in global FLW actions from the beginning, working in 43 countries, and this issue is one of their major initiatives.