This sequence of events set up the suit tone with this Webinar and Policy Brief Launching, under the theme of “Corporate Contribution to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals”. Held on November 24, 2022, in JS Luwansa Hotel and Convention Center, this event brought the opportunity to disseminate CDP and IBCSD work on the policy brief about private sector achievements against SDG 13, Climate Action, and SDG 15, Life on Land, based on the CDP’s Climate Change and Forestry Questionnaire 2021. Furthermore, it provides insights regarding the challenges and opportunities faced by the private sector in achieving SDGs, as well as increasing stakeholders’ awareness about the important role of the private sector in supporting the 2030 SDGs agenda. Along with the offline event, the event was broadcasted through the online platform.

IBCSD’s Executive Committee, Dharsono Hartono, said the Policy Brief shows that there’s still room for the business sectors to support the achievement of SDGs. “The recommendations provided in the Policy Brief should be a learning tool for the companies to increase their capacity in SDG 13 and SDG 15”, he added. The capacity building efforts are needed so the companies will be able to better identify and manage risks related to climate change and strengthen business operations in the future. In 2021, more companies reported their emission reduction goal through CDP, which is equal to 26.23 million metric tons of CO2 or 1.22% of the total emission reduction target in Indonesia by 2030.

A diverse background of speakers had a chance to speak at this event, including the Head of SDGs National Secretary, Vivi Yulaswati; Coordinator of the Expert Team of SDGs National Secretary, Yanuar Nugoro; Head of IPB SDGs Network, Bayu Krisnamurthi; and Head of Sustainability Compliance APP Sinar Mas, Sera Noviany. This diverse background of speakers sheds some light on different perspectives about the efforts to achieve SDGs, ranging from the business sector, academia, and government. The collaborations from diverse stakeholders hopefully can produce more actions to accelerate the SDGs in Indonesia.