IBCSD is looking for a Part-time Consultant for GRASP 2030 signatories engagement. The consultant  is expected to support IBCSD in providing assistance to bring the best value of GRASP 2030 signatories’ actions and to build collaboration and engagement associated with the mobilisation of the GRASP 2030. The role will be starting as soon as possible and ending on September 2022.

About GRASP 2030

The GRASP 2030 (Gotong Royong Atasi Susut & Limbah Pangan di Tahun 2030) is a Voluntary Agreement (VA), that will bring a collaborative commitment and action to support the global goal of halving food loss and waste by in 2030, thus increasing the environmental, social, and economic benefits for the participating organizations and for Indonesia.

The Voluntary Agreement model will deliver the GRASP 2030 goals through representative governance with evidence-based work program, progress-focused approach, and commitment to work fairly in pre-competitive business environment. It has been adopted and successful in many countries, such as UK, USA, Mexico, South Africa, and Australia.

Currently, GRASP 2030 has 14 signatories, including 6 core Signatories (business who are passionate to reduce the FLW) and 8 Associate signatories (supporting actors to achieve the goals).

Required Skills and Experience

  • Have a broad of experience in the food sector and sustainability, preferably in food loss and waste reduction and food surplus donation.
  • Can demonstrate a good understanding of the Indonesia food system. Direct experience of working with Indonesia food system/food industry is preferable.
  • Excellent communication skills and demonstration of collaborative working.
  • Can demonstrate flexibility and adaptability to ensure greatest impact.
  • Can demonstrate ability to deliver in accordance with commercial law and confidentiality.
  • Can demonstrate analytical assessment of qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Excellent English proficiency

Role and Responsibility (Scope of Work)

The technical expert will be responsible for technical input and delivery of the following GRASP 2030 activities:

  • Shape the delivery of support for signatories that will enable them to develop and implement their action plan to reduce food waste and effectively manage surplus within operations and supply chain.
  • Lead signatory engagement on applying food loss and waste best practices including:
    • Manage and respond to signatory enquiries.
    • Provide one to one technical support to signatories (i.e. overcoming specific challenges or identifying where improvements could be made). This include time on-site with a signatory to enable further reductions (i.e. improving measurement or identifying food waste hotspots).
    • Utilize and analyze signatory food waste data to identify and prioritise actions that will have the greatest impact in reducing food waste and maximising food donation.
    • Support signatories to improve food waste measurement and reporting.
    • Develop food waste reduction and surplus management plans with signatories, regularly tracking and reviewing progress.
  • Shape and lead the facilitation of the collaborative working group.
  • Provide technical input and signatory updates in development of case study content to demonstrate GRASP 2030 progress and signatory value.
  • Provide technical input into regular signatory updates – webinars and newsletters.

The consultant will have a minimum of 8 days of work in a month with a total number of days budgeted (approximately until September 2022).  This will allow flexibility to manage needs and timings of outputs.

To apply please email your CV and a cover letter setting out how you meet the required skills and experience or key responsibilities to [email protected] and [email protected] with subject ‘Application: GRASP 2030 Part-time Consultant’. We are expecting the application before 25 December 2021.