1. Master’s degree or equivalent

  2. A minimum of 15 years of professional experience in a relevant organization

  3. Demonstrate ability to engage with Jurisdictions Proponents: Partners, and Private sectors to mobilize toward shared agenda. 

  4. Experience with building coalitions or partnerships and driving pre-competitive collaboration and gaining trust across TFA partners and stakeholders in the jurisdictions and at the national level.  

  5. A holistic, deep understanding of the deforestation-free agenda, commodity production, and its links to the broader climate change agenda

  6. Established a network among key individuals and organizations associated with action around the environment, tropical forests, commodities, and public-private sector initiatives in Indonesia.


Role and Responsibility (Scope of Work)

  1. Based on consultation with JCAF collaborators, the consultant will develop strategic output and details of the annual agenda based on the collaborators’ steer, inputs, and guidance. 

  2. Develop JCAF monthly/bi-monthly agenda and engage actively with the co-host and JCAF secretariat to successfully accomplish the dialogue. 

  3. Maintain intensive engagement with key speakers, panelists, and moderators, consisting of key jurisdictional leaders, influential business leaders, leading communities, and development partners to ensure key strategic stakeholders are represented. 

  4. Provide technical expertise to articulate the messages for the speakers, panelists, and invited guests of honor. 

  5. Ensure strategic narratives toward Green Growth Jurisdictions are articulated both during the JCAF convening and JCAF media publication. 

For further information, please read here (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x45BNAZ4CpKY0IRRYsMSJb7NGY7sCI2-/view?usp=sharing)

Please send your RFP, including a proposal for the JCAF Agenda for 12 months, to [email protected] should you be interested in filling the role of JCAF consultant. 

We are expecting the application before September 30, 2022.