The overall objective of this consultancy is to produce media material including a short video and high-resolution photographs that can be used in various communications platforms. 


Consultant selected for this assignment will perform the following indicative tasks:

  • Develop the video concept and scenario to be discussed with TFA team;
  • Present a work plan for the assigned work specifying logistic needs;
  • Perform appropriate short interviews with the Projects’ major partners, beneficiaries and stakeholders;
  • Work on the desired products for this consultancy, including high resolution photographs and videos.


The consultant will produce a database with at least forty-five (45) high resolution photographs and one (1) short video.

  • One short video in HD
  1. Video shooting and editing;
  2. Narration, translation and subtitles in English/Portuguese where necessary;
  3. Script development;
  4. Full usage rights for music (or music for which copyright has been granted);
  5. One fully-produced clip of approximately 5 minutes in length in 1080p (HD) resolution aimed at sharing with national audience including government institutions, CSOs, local stakeholders, local communities as well as an international audience.

The video must highlight purpose and goal of the Youth Program, including: interviews with youth that representative, document progress of reducing deforestation, importance of forest and land for the future, showcase biodiversity linked to forest ecosystem, economic value of forest, interview with related stake-holders and TFA Members. The video must showcase success stories and lessons learnt related to forest ecosystem for the future.

  • High Resolution Photograph
  1. At least 45 high quality and high resolution, edited and captioned pictures delivered on CD.
  2. Photographs should include:
    Landscape ·       Aerial view of forest and land

    ·       Landscape from Palm Oil

    Reforestation and Protection ·       Images to demonstrate forest conservation status (deforestation and reforestation including natural and/or artificial reforestation)
    Local communities ·       Photos of members of local communities (Especially youth) showing how they depend on the forest ecosystem in their daily need
    Wildlife ·       Wildlife in the forest area

  • Written impact stories

of individuals of local youth community or youth representative interviewed during the trip or digital interview, including statements which should be linked to the script of the video and photos


  • Report

A detailed report on all photography and filming locations (GPS points), including names and contact details of all individuals photographed or that will appear on film. The report must include at least 5 powerful statements by youth community members and other stakeholders to be used in reports and fact sheets.


This consultancy will entail up to 9 days of field work, including travelling, and 7 days of editing and reporting, beginning upon the signature of contract with TFA-SEA. All travel and accommodation will be covered by the consultant.

Timing: Feb – April 2021

 Events Support

TFA will provide logistical support including arranging flights & accommodation (if needed), digital interview link, and introduction to a youth representative and related stakeholders (Govt., CSO, Private, etc.)

Qualification and Expertise

The successful entity is required to meet the following criteria:

  • Exceptional photography skills;
  • Outstanding videography skills;
  • Excellent photo and video editing skills;
  • Previous experience in producing international quality documentaries;
  • Experience working in remote areas in Indonesia,
  • Proven ability to work in multicultural environment;
  • Ability to adhere to deadlines and flexibility;
  • Availability to travel immediately, upon signature of contract;

Applicant(s) should provide the following:

  • Cover letter with the applicant’s current contact information including how the candidate’s previous experience matches the consultancy objectives as well as their interest for the position (no longer than two pages);
  • Technical proposal on how they intend to carry out the assignment;
  • Financial proposal/detailed budget of the project;
  • CV of consultant and professional references or letter of recommendation;
  • Samples of recent similar assignments: online portfolios and links to video work/documentaries;

Contract duration

The contract will be effective until May 21, 2021 from date of signing. To be extended as agreed between parties.    

Terms and conditions of payment

To be determined per campaign.