In close collaboration with the Capitals Coalition, UNEP TEEB, and the Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development (IBSCD), TEEBAgriFood is making remarkable strides in reshaping the future of agriculture and food in Indonesia. This partnership is committed to accelerating the transition towards a nature-positive, climate-friendly, and equitable food value chain. A capacity building event was held on the 7th of September 2023 in Jakarta. This event promises to be a pivotal moment for all stakeholders involved, offering several key opportunities. 

The TEEBAgriFood for Business Project has been actively working since 2020 in seven countries, with a mission to mainstream best practices, build resilience, and contribute to a more sustainable agrifood sector. In Indonesia, the Capitals Coalition, IBCSD, and UNEP TEEB have played a vital role in organizing roundtable consultations, training sessions, and providing support to businesses. These activities have been instrumental in transforming practices and assessing the impacts and dependencies of businesses on nature and people. The capacity building was a concluding event of the project.

This event provided the attendees an opportunity to learn from and be inspired by the best business practices in the realm of Food System Transformation in Indonesia. These practices are aimed at creating a more sustainable and equitable food system. Moreover, it brought together a wide range of stakeholders, from business peers to public sector representatives, to collectively create a pathway for food system transformation. Collaboration and shared insights will be key to this endeavor. By uniting various stakeholders, TEEBAgriFood aims to drive a meaningful shift towards a more sustainable and equitable future.