Warit Jintanawan, SCG’s Country Director in Indonesia, underscored the transformative nature of the program, stating, “The SCG Sharing the Dream program has been an unwavering commitment for 11 years since its launch in 2012. The program demonstrates our unwavering commitment to drive education participation in Indonesia. We are proud that the program has changed the lives of 4,040 beneficiaries and has disbursed IDR 19 billion for education and development programs.”

The importance of a good quality education in Indonesia’s efforts to achieve “Indonesia Emas 2045” is non-negotiable. Chakkapong Yingwattanathaworn, President Director of PT SCG Indonesia, highlighted the collaborative essence of the program in narrowing this education gap. He said, “Addressing this gap requires concerted efforts from the government, industry stakeholders, and academia to ensure inclusive education that is free from socio-economic and gender barriers. This initiative is closely aligned with the two fundamental missions encapsulated in the ESG 4 Plus framework, namely reducing disparities and fostering collaboration.”

Minister Suharso Monoarfa encouraged scholarship recipients to embrace their unique chance, emphasizing the importance of pursuing their dreams and leveraging resources for personal and communal betterment.

The scholarships offered encompass Rp 2,000,000 for high school students and Rp 8,000,000 per year for undergraduates, ensuring sustained support throughout their academic journey, extending up to a maximum of four years. Alongside financial aid, scholars can also access personal development programs. 

SCG also champions student projects like “Eco Enzyme as an Alternative in Reducing Chemicals (ESDAPEBA)” and “E-MISSION: Utilizing Alkaline Water and Used Cooking Oil for Aromatherapy Candle Production,” showcasing its commitment to fostering talent.

Parallel to the “Sharing the Dream” program, SCG in Indonesia through PT Semen Jawa and PT Tambang Semen Sukabumi has run various other ESG 4 Plus-based initiatives and programs. Among others, the GESARI (Gerakan Desa Berdikari) program that manages 32 local MSMEs, then SCG ASIK (Aku Suka Ikan), which is the prevention of stunting by involving fish in children’s diet, and the implementation of community projects by SCG Scholars such as the Kebonmanggu Maggot Cultivation project for the community of Kebonmanggu, Sukabumi, and the Budikdamber Ruta (Fish Cultivation in Household Buckets) project for the community of Setu District, Bekasi.

ESG 4 Plus is SCG’s personalized business commitment from the global ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) framework. This principle is formulated into four main commitments, namely achieving net zero emissions (“Set Net Zero”), creating environmentally friendly products and realizing green industries (“Go Green”), reducing social disparities (“Reduce Inequality”), and embracing collaboration with various stakeholders (“Embrace Collaboration”).