Investment Opportunities in Katingan

The concept of green growth (green growth) presents a new approach to economic growth. Putting human well-being at the center of development and ensuring natural resource assets continue to provide resources and environmental services to support sustainable development.

“Currently there are still many economic practices that do not pay attention to environmental sustainability. These practices should be improved through initiatives to regulate, foster and provide incentives and disincentives for economic activity.

The greatest natural resource potential in Katingan Regency is the agricultural sector which includes agriculture and food crops, plantations, animal husbandry, maritime affairs and fisheries. The development of livestock in Katingan Regency is still on a small scale and is still in the household business stage. Plantation is one of the potentials for development and high potential in Katingan Regency. This is supported by the physical condition of the area. Potential plantations can be divided into several leading commodities such as rubber and palm oil.

With this great potential, we hope that in the future many investors will enter to participate in developing the existing potential, this is supported by the geographical conditions of Katingan which is the gateway to West Kalimantan both from land, air and sea routes, where this is one of the supporting factors. to expedite the entry and exit of goods.

    2. The Outcome

The ultimate outcome of this initiative is to promote, inform and attract investors to invest in an investment plan in Katingan Regency to support green growth through an “Investment Outlook” that will be jointly developed by jurisdictional stakeholders, an approach in Central Kalimantan, which includes governance conditions governance that follows green growth, social and economic growth that encourages investment growth, as well as stakeholder efforts to support the SDGs and climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts.

    3. Expected Output

Jurisdictional approaches need to adhere to principles of collective action and as such they must have a strong sense of ownership of the information generated from those jurisdictions. Thus, there are two results that need to be produced, as follows, so that the activities in this initiative can contribute to producing .

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RFP Term of Reference Katingan Investment Outlook (2)

Period of Assignment

March-May 2023

Please send your RFP to [email protected] with subject ‘Application: Consultant “Katingan Investment Outlook”.