“Companies must start to be prepared in setting net-zero targets together. Through this event, members of KADIN Central Java and companies in Central Java can get to know the NZH platform and can become a forum for exchanging information about net-zero,” said Chairman of KADIN Central Java, Harry Nuryanto, in his remarks at this event.

Head of KADIN Net Zero Hub, Muhammad Yusrizki, said, “Today, we are already at 1.1°C from the maximum temperature increase limit of 1.5°C, so we need to immediately work towards net-zero using Science Based Targets (SBT). Investment institutions and banks have also started to encourage investment in companies that are transitioning to net-zero, so companies in Indonesia need to go there too. KADIN NZH is ready to help with this transition.”  

“We need to spread the message to the industry to encourage more companies to make the transition to net-zero, because the positive effects on the planet will be felt when more industries do so,” said WRI’s Net-zero Specialist, Tatwadhika R. Siddharta. “Transitioning to net-zero can make companies resilient to potential risks to the business in the future,” he continued.

CDP’s SBT Engagement Manager, Dedy Mahardika said, “Based on previous studies, it is known that net-zero transition efforts made by companies can increase company profits in the long run.” This shows that net-zero efforts are also economically beneficial.

“We would like to invite companies in the region to come together through KADIN NZH,” said IBCSD Program Development Manager, Aloysius Wiratmo. He continued, “KADIN NZH serves as a forum to assist companies in Indonesia to achieve net-zero targets by providing a number of programs to increase industry awareness and capacity.”

The event was also attended by members of KADIN Central Java and a number of companies in Central Java. With this event, it is hoped that there will be more companies in the region that are committed and synergize together in realizing net-zero in Indonesia.