“We see the importance of support from all parties, including across generations, from young to old, to support a sustainable development strategy,” he said.
Inl line with Natasha, Andhyta Firselly Utami, Environmental Economist & Co Founder of the Think Policy Society, also stated that it is crucial to involve youth in the sustainable agenda. 64 million youth can participate at the micro, meso and macro levels to elevate the economic donuts, a new paradigm of social foundations and environmental boundaries.
In the webinar, Tanah Sullivan, Head of Sustainability of PT Gojek Indonesia, was also present to tell about their GoGreener initiative. Gojek has implemented GoGreener since 2018 with the hope of inviting the younger generation in its ecosystem to participate in encouraging the achievement of SDG, especially in the environmental sector. In fact, Gojek continues to innovate until now creating a mobile carbon offset platform for its users.
Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development (IBCSD) as a business association led by CEOs of companies committed to supporting sustainable development in Indonesia. The SDG Webinar Series activity by IBCSD is specifically intended to raise awareness of youth and all parties about the importance of the role of youth in the sustainable development agenda.
Several names who participated in this webinar are: Jessica Setiawan Manager, Risk Advisory – Sustainability, Deloitte Indonesia; Tanah Sullivan, Head of Sustainability Gojek; Natasha Gabriela, Sustainability Senior Analyst at APRIL Group; Andhyta Firselly Utami, Environmental Economist & Co Founder of Think Policy Society; as well as Risky Murdiono, Youth Engagement UNFPA as responders, and as moderator were Yosea Kurnianto, Deputy Director of SDG Academy Indonesia.