• Bentoel Group

Bentoel Group is an Indonesian tobacco company, which now is part of the British American Tobacco (BAT) Group as a leading global tobacco company with a presence in over 180 countries worldwide. Bentoel Group has shown a good commitment to sustainability as they have installed 1 MW solar panel as the source of renewable energy and plan to reach 100% renewable electricity and reduce the Scope 1 & 2 emission. It also extends the scope of water conservation from reduce, reuse and recycle the water used at its operation, to the catchment where the company operates. Bentoel Group also achieves ZWTL (zero waste to landfill) starting in 2021.


  • PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero), Tbk

PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero), Tbk is a state-owned information and communications company as well as a telecommunications service and network provider in Indonesia. PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero), Tbk has shown a good commitment as they recognize their role and responsibility to the communities in which they strive to expand digital infrastructure to all regions of Indonesia including the 3T regions (Frontier, Remote, Disadvantaged), while managing social and environmental aspects. They implement community empowerment programs and reduce energy consumption, waste, and water use while enforcing ethical business operations and anti-corruption measures. PT Telkom Indonesia reports its performance achievements annually through a Sustainability Report that covers economic, social, environmental, and governance aspects.


  • PT Olahkarsa Inovasi Indonesia

PT Olahkarsa Inovasi Indonesia is a CSR management consulting company, providing end-to-end-solution for CSR management by optimizing the use of technology. PT Olahkarsa Inovasi Indonesia has shown a very good commitment through creating CSR innovation for a sustainable business ecosystem since 2019 and aiming to utilize CSR as a part of the company’s long-term business strategy that should be integrated and mutually sustainable with the core business and core competency of a company.



TORAJAMELO is an ethical-slow fashion lifestyle brand who work together with weaving communities on design and development of weaving to preserve the authenticity of the art while also making it relevant to the market. Torajamelo has shown a good commitment as they recognize their role and responsibility to the communities in which they operate based on SDGs 1, 5, 12, and 13, addressing rural women’s poverty in remote areas while also giving attention to responsible consumption and climate action. Torajamelo focuses on reviving rural economies with weaving as an entry point, and making it as an alternative income opportunity for the women in the communities. Working on 3Cs pillars – Commerce, Community Collaboration, and Consultancy, they are currently engaging around 1100+ weavers in Toraja & Mamasa in Sulawesi island, Soe, Maubesi, & Oesena in West Timor, & Manggarai in Flores.


  • PT Karya Kreasi Teknologi (Krealogi)

PT Karya Kreasi Teknologi (Krealogi) is a tech-based solution company, providing digital platforms for MSMEs operating in Indonesia. PT Karya Kreasi Teknologi has shown a very good commitment through the provision of partnerships and capacity building for local micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Krealogi’s sustainability commitment is based on the SDGs goals of Gender Equality, Decent Work and Economic Growth, and Reduced Inequality. Krealogi provides opportunities for women in MSMEs to get adequate facilities to grow their business. Krealogi also creates decent jobs to improve the community’s economy, be able to overcome poverty, and develop industries and innovations based on the craft industry, fashion, and manufacturing MSMEs.