IBCSD member, PT Wasteforchange Alam Indonesia (Waste4Change)has just celebrated its 7th Anniversary. Closing the series of celebrations, Waste4Change held the “Award4Change 2021” as a recognition for the implementation of responsible waste management by companies and government institutions. In this event, Waste4Change also gave lifetime achievement awards to two figures who inspired solid waste in Indonesia. Award4Change 2021 which was attended by the Director of Waste Management of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Novrizal Tahar, Managing Director of Waste4Change Mohamad Bijaksana Junerosano, President of IBCSD Shinta Kamdani, Chairman of MVB Alistair Speirs, Ciliwung Care Community Activist Suparno Jumar, and Founder of The BGBJ Bantar Gebang Resa Boenard, as well as award recipients from waste companies, organizations, and institutions.

Award4Change is an annual event held by Waste4Change as a form of appreciation for clients, partners, and partners from both the private and government sectors. There are 10 categories with a total of 27 recognition: Most Zero-Waste to Landfill, Most Reduce-Waste to Landfill, Most Responsible Brand, Local Initiator of the Year, Community Empowerment Project Highlights, Ecotourism Project Highlights, Research Project Highlights, Low-Value Plastic Collection Project Highlights, Best Recycling Partner, Great Collaboration, and the Waste Warrior lifetime achievement category.

“Through the Award4Change 2021, we would like to appreciate to companies that have made their best efforts in waste management responsibilities. Start from ensuring the supply chain runs optimally at every stage to minimize waste generation, using environmentally friendly packaging to increase recycling value, ensuring partners and consumers are involved in waste reduction and management,” said Waste4Change Managing Director, Mohamad Bijaksana Junerosano (Sano)

“In its 7th year, Waste4Change has managed 8,424 tons of waste. Our waste transportation services have reached 2,828 families in two residential areas as well as 68 client companies in 114 location points. Waste4Change has also run 227 community assistance projects, research, and waste management training, with a total of 514,306 direct beneficiaries spread throughout Indonesia. We were able to achieve all of that because of the support from our clients, partners, partners, and activists for solutions to solid waste issues who continue to struggle with us,” said Sano.

Source : https://waste4change.com/blog/award4change-2021-an-appreciation-to-responsible-waste-management-initiative/