SCG introduces Circular Economy as a make-use-return concept, by encouraging maximum utilization of resources and reducing the amount of waste as much as possible. Reflecting on the current environment global situation, especially the environmental problems in location where it operates including Indonesia, SCG wants to introduce opportunities for collaboration while introducing innovation as a solution, under the umbrella of a Circular Economy. That is all in order to maintain and run a sustainable business to create a better environment in the world.

SCG incorporate Circular Economy through 3 business activities strategies:

  • Reduced Material Use and Durability, e.g., Green Carton, which requires 25% less raw materials but remains the same durability;
  • Developing innovations to replace existing products or raw materials with new ones with Upgrade and Replace strategy, e.g., SCG Hybrid Cement that use superior raw materials than traditional cement to improve structural strength and durability.
  • Reuse and Recycle, e.g., CIERRA™, functional materials that offer a single material with diverse applications to replace the use of many materials, enabling better recyclability.