Indah Budiani, Executive Director of IBCSD, stated in her opening remarks the current goal of COP26 is to assure the successful and impactful accomplishment of net-zero emissions through several initiatives and investment funds, which GRASP 2030 contributes. This is in line with the UN Food System Summit’s fives areas of action which aimed to accelerate the accomplishment of SDGs. Meanwhile, in the action tracks number 1 of the UN Food System Summit, Nourish All People, the action is not only focused on providing inexpensive and safe food but also on reducing food waste and loss. Therefore, IBCSD appreciates the signatories’ commitments who have joined GRASP 2030 and strives to facilitate all signatories with experienced practitioners to be able to implement their actions through the initial phase of GRASP 2030.


During the session, Michael Jones, International Partnership Manager WRAP, and Bryan Citrasena, Project Manager GRASP 2030 explained about GRASP 2030 Governance, reviewing the Voluntary Agreement model where the signatories were involved in several working groups with the same views on the objectives, activities, resources, and time to achieve the Target-Measure-Act approach and form a collaboration between signatories in the FLW reduction project. With the working groups, the signatories will be more focused on adopting and implementing their FLW action plan and make the most contribution to the initiatives that will be carried out. From this session the signatories are expected to have more understanding for the next steps, starting from the governance of the program, the establishment of a team, and the principle of Target-Measure-Act to deliver their commitment in reducing FLW through GRASP 2030.


Since its launch on September 8, 2021, the number of GRASP signatories has increased to 14 participants, including the Core Signatories; PT East West Seed, PT Multi Bintang Indonesia, Nutrifood, Sintesa Group, PT Kalbe Nutritionals, and Superindo. Meanwhile, Associate Signatories consist of Catalyze, Foodcycle, Waste4Change, Surplus, WRI Indonesia, Laskar Bumi Pertiwi, Srikandi Harmoni Bumi and Indonesia Food and Beverage Executive Association (IFBEC).


The second Onboarding Session will be held on the 23rd November for the Core Signatories and 24th November for the Associate Signatories. This next session aims to identify what Signatories can contribute to GRASP 2030 objectives and what support is available from GRASP 2030.