Purwakarta, 21 February 2022 – PT East West Seed Indonesia (EWINDO), the producer of ‘Cap Panah Merah’ vegetable seeds, staged a live virtual Cap Panah Merah EXPO 2022 Stay Close in the Midst of a Pandemic” to reach millions of farmers across Indonesia. The first Live Virtual Expo of vegetable seeds showcased the most advanced vegetable varieties, agricultural production technologies, and professional consultations to help farmers solve problems. Around 500 participants, including farmers, traders, agricultural shops, and EWINDO partners, attended the event, which was also broadcast live on the Panah Merah TV Youtube page.

“This Virtual Live Expo is also bridging colleagues of farmers who could always gather at the annual expo conducted by EWINDO during the pre-pandemic season,” stated Glenn Pardede, Managing Director of EWINDO.

Glen explained this Expo reflects EWINDO’s commitment to assisting in the advancement of the national horticultural sector by providing excellent seeds and advice to farmers. Farmers are not only given high-quality seeds, but also have the opportunity to consult, exchange ideas, and learn about the most up-to-date vegetable cultivation techniques.

Cap Panah Merah Expo 2022 showcased superior products from quality vegetable seeds from EWINDO breeders such as PERKASA Sweet Corn F1, Rawit Chili F1, ALINA F1 Melon, SANREN F1 Red Onion Seeds, Big Chili BAJA MC F1, YUVITA Purple Eggplant F1, NEW METAVY F1 and ERINA F1 cucumbers, and GUSTAVI F1 tomatoes.

Not only concerned in high-quality seeds research and development, EWINDO has also accelerated the process of implementing digital technology. SIPINDO is an application which provides access to reliable information about agriculture for small farmers to make data-based decisions for their cultivated land. This apps has been in development since 2017 and it is especially useful during a pandemic. Now SIPINDI has been downloaded by more than 115,000 users.

The irrigation has been the most popular SIPINDO features. It provides recommendations for irrigation/watering for plants based on location data input, growth phase, and last watering time. Furthermore, users have access to a variety of farm store services, including the ability to locate the nearest shop in their location to purchase agricultural equipment and equipment. This gives opportunity for farmers to have direct interactions with specialists on agriculture and plant diseases through SIPINDO. Farmers can also share their experiences with farmers from different places in obtain insight and information on the prices of vegetable goods, which are important for farmers. These features are extremely beneficial to Indonesian farmers during the epidemic, particularly those in the 3T (outermost, disadvantaged, and leading) districts

Not only SIPINDO, to make it easier for farmers to access superior quality seeds, EWINDO has launched an official store called panahmerah.store on the marketplace channel. This service has been used by more than 10 thousand farmers and seed users throughout Indonesia.

Watch the full event on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDJO6P5xU7