More consumers prefer sustainability in the products they buy shifting demand toward more environmentally friendly goods. In a study on consumer perception conducted by WWF in collaboration with Nielsen (2017), 63% of consumers prefer to buy sustainable products but it is not easy for them to find such products in the local markets. Another research conducted by Nielsen (2019) finds that 75 % millennials change their buying habits by considering environmental sustainability in mind.

As IBCSD Executive Committee stated at the end of the discussion, “Turns out it is still a big question whether we should start with a ‘sustainable demand’ first, or a ‘sustainable product’ for the businesses and market”. She continued, “however, we have now move towards the consumer education.”

When it comes to consumers, it is the millennials territory with their green lifestyle. Producers need to feed the content, educate companies and consumers. To achieve this all, commitment and perseverance is needed.