Specifically, the achievements of the rayon fiber producers operating in Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau Province are based on an assessment of work efficiency and effectiveness, traceability of the sources of raw materials used and the company’s ability to process big data from operational automation.

Inaugurated by President Joko Widodo in early 2020, the rayon fiber products produced by APR not only aim to meet national demand but also foreign countries, which in turn can contribute to the country’s foreign exchange. For those who are not familiar, rayon fiber is known as a sustainable textile raw material, which is biodegradable so it is more environmentally friendly.

With its operational center in Riau, the raw materials for rayon fiber produced by APR are all supplied from certified and traceable industrial plantations (HTI), and their management is guaranteed to be sustainable. This makes APR the first viscose-rayon plant in Indonesia to be recognized internationally for responsible manufacturing.

Basrie added that one form of application of industrial technology 4.0 is the implementation of traceability as a collaborative effort that involves multiple layers throughout the supply chain through APR’s Follow Our Fiber tracking platform launched in April 2019.

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