Octavianus Bramantyo, representing Kadin NZH, expressed his gratitude for adidas’ collaboration and commitment to encouraging its suppliers to commit to SBTi. He acknowledged that the partnership between Kadin NZH and adidas is an important step towards achieving net-zero emissions.

adidas believes that creating a community for sustainability requires strong collaboration among stakeholders and Kadin NZH can serve as a platform for this collaboration, allowing stakeholders to share knowledge and work together towards a sustainable future. In addition, Kadin NZH program can provide Indonesian businesses with the necessary tools and resources to commit to SBTi and contribute to global efforts to achieve net-zero emissions. The program’s exclusive partnership with SBTi, WRI, CDP, and WWF can provide additional assistance to companies starting their net-zero journey.

 adidas emphasizes that committing to net-zero is not just a way for companies to showcase their sustainability efforts, but it also provides significant benefits for businesses. Investors are increasingly looking for companies that are committed to net-zero, which can offer a competitive advantage in the long run.

adidas’ partnership with Kadin NZH and IBCSD is a significant step towards achieving the company’s net-zero emissions goals. Through this collaboration, Adidas is empowering its suppliers in Indonesia to take action towards sustainability and contribute to global efforts in achieving net-zero emissions. The involvement of IBCSD in this collaboration highlights the importance of engaging businesses in sustainable practices and policies in Indonesia.