• Delivering transformation in a volatile and fragmented world
  • Navigating politics everywhere all at once
  • Reaching a tipping point on accountability
  • Supply chains under more scrutiny than ever before
  • Time for innovation
  • Sustainable by nature
  • Answering tough questions on social justice
  • The urgent need for adaptation and resilience
  • Closing the sustainability skills gap
  • AI: savior or supervillain for sustainable development?

Furthermore, the session emphasized the imperative of living well within planetary boundaries, with a focus on stabilizing global warming at no more than +1.5°C and ensuring the protection, restoration, and sustainable use of natural systems. Key insights highlighted the necessity of the Net Zero pathway, calling for two essential transformations: 1) Innovation and Collaboration Transformation: Bringing companies together along value chains to drive new solutions to scale. 2) Economic Transformation: Changing decision-making processes, managing performance, and holding businesses accountable for decarbonization progress.

The building blocks of transformation were also explored, encompassing value chains transformation, mindset change, and accountability.

Indah Budiani expressed her gratitude to Joe Phelan and all attendees for their active participation and commitment to driving sustainability forward. She emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in achieving meaningful progress towards a sustainable future.