On the second day, November 16th, IBCSD and WRAP had a courtesy meeting with the Netherlands Embassy to inquire about the Netherlands support in addressing the FLW in Indonesia. According to Joost van Uum, the Agriculture Counselor of the Embassy, there have been several programs of government-to-government cooperation with Indonesia, in particular on sustainable food systems and climate change adaptation and mitigation.  Related to food systems and FLW, the Netherlands supports the development of agriculture research and innovation centre which collaborate with an Islamic school in West Java. The program was particularly focused on horticulture commodities and supported by a Dutch company operating in Indonesia.

The next agenda on November 17th was to join the GRASP2030 Steering Group Meeting. The GRASP2030 Steering Group Meeting held was the 3rd meeting in which IBCSD together with the Steering Group members evaluated the delivered GRASP2030 programs and discussed the next steps for the upcoming year. The meeting was attended by Nita Yulianis, Director for Food and Nutrition Surveillance of National Food Agency, the representative from the Government which is very supportive of GRASP2030. In her remarks, she said that Indonesia has a food policy governance structure led by the National Food Agency that is directly responsible to the President of the Republic of Indonesia. The current efforts to save food are focused on preventing food waste and distributing to people in need. She emphasized that all of these activities need to be strengthened by data, policy, and stakeholder commitment. The meeting concluded that the current progress was achieved by none other because of the efforts from all signatories and generous funding from P4G and Avery Dennison Foundation, and therefore, GRASP2030 was expected to be sustained by continuous support from the stakeholders.

Following the Steering Group meeting, IBCSD and WRAP visited the Danish Embassy to discuss the opportunity of collaboration. The meeting was started with exchange of information about each organization and follow up of the GRASP2030 proposed collaboration activities in the next year. The Danish Embassy agreed to support the agenda of GRASP2030 in raising public awareness on FLW through the #Consumindful campaign which planned to be started in early 2023. The #Consumindful campaign was a part of the GRASP2030 activities to build the consumer understanding by engaging signatories in delivering the message.