In the CSR Outlook Leadership Forum 2023, Unggul Yoga Ananta, the Co-Founder and CEO of PT Olahkarsa Inovasi Indonesia, emphasized that the forum aimed to foster positive dialogue among stakeholders about sustainability within the ESG framework. He highlighted the global trend of addressing the climate crisis, aligning with Indonesia’s goal of achieving sustainable economic growth by 2045. He stressed the need for all stakeholders to address climate change and economic sustainability.

Ir. Sigit Reliantoro, Director General of PPKL KLHK RI, discussed “Company Performance Assessment in Environmental Management for Sustainable Business.” He underlined the importance of environmental considerations and the implementation of PROPER, which assesses companies’ environmental management performance. He noted the adverse environmental consequences of unchecked economic growth and KLHK’s efforts to shift towards regenerative development.

Maria R Nindita Radyati Ph.D., Founder and President Director of the Institute for Sustainability and Agility (ISA), explored the evolution of ESG. She explained that ESG encourages investors to consider non-financial factors when buying stocks. It originated from the collaboration between Kofi Annan, then Secretary-General of the United Nations, and the International Financial Corporation (IFC). ESG criteria are now applied across industries, influencing investors’ decisions and stock prices.

Angkie Yudistia, Special Staff to the President of Indonesia, spoke about “Building a Culture of Inclusion Within The Company.” She advocated against discrimination towards people with disabilities in the business world and called for more inclusive corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. Angkie has actively contributed to legislation promoting equality and protection for people with disabilities since 2019.

The forum also featured 11 other speakers addressing ESG practices in various areas, from finance to education and equality.

In the evening, the CSR Outlook Awards 2023 recognized companies committed to sustainable development through CSR programs. The awards were given in several categories including Best Practice in Economic Empowerment, Best Practice in Education, Best Practice in Environment, Best Practice in Creating Shared Value and Best Outstanding Leader. A total of 28 nominees were honored.

Overall, the CSR Outlook 2023 highlighted the significance of ESG principles in shaping a sustainable future for businesses. It provided a platform for stakeholders to engage in meaningful dialogue and collaborative efforts to address global challenges such as climate change, economic sustainability, and social inclusion.