To further support medical staff in the four hospitals, Bintang has also donated a total of 2,250 hazmat suits, which were produced in collaboration with a local confection enterprise in Jakarta whose business is also affected by  COVID-19.
Bir Bintang also produced 50,000 cloth masks in collaboration with tens of tailors from the local confectionery industry in Bali, whose businesses have been heavily impacted by the decline of tourism. This initiative is the brand’s way to support the government’s appeal to use masks whenever people go outside of their house. The use of washable and reusable cloth masks becomes a more environmentally-friendly option amidst the ongoing efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19.
Employees of Multi Bintang Indonesia also raised funds by setting aside part of their income to be used for helping those in need in the form of staple food or rice. The initiative is called #NasiDiMeja (rice on the table), where the money collected is used to buy rice, which will then be distributed to thousands of residents around Multi Bintang breweries in Tangerang and Sampangagung, as well as to hundreds of subcontractors’ employees who have been working with Multi Bintang, such as third-party cleaning staff, but will be losing their job or income due to the impact of COVID-19 to their companies.
248 employees of Multi Bintang Indonesia participated in the initiative and, with additional support from the company, have managed to raise more than IDR 500 million, which can be used to help provide staple food for almost 2,300 families in need. Thousands of 10-kg rice packages will be distributed gradually in May, June and July 2020.