1. Care for BNPB 
GGF provides healthy nutrition support for the BNPB task force team. GGF collaborates with its brand to provide Sunpride fruits, Hometown Dairy milk and Duta canned pineapple weekly. In hope that by consuming nutritious food, the task force team is able maintain body immunity to perform their best in the frontline

2. Employee Cares

In dealing with COVID-19, GGF employees took the initiative to raise their funds to be distributed in the form of food packages for people who are socio-economically affected by COVID-19. A total of 7.817 lunch box packages and 300 kg rice at the value of IDR 120,355,000 have been distributed to affected communities in Makassar, Padang, and Jabodetabek areas.

3. Milk for Heroes 
As a form of support at the frontline of COVID-19 efforts for the medical personnel. Hometown Dairy brand distributes milk to more than 20,000 doctors, nurses, and medics at 42 hospitals in Greater Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, and Bandung.

 4. Care for Greater Jakarta Community 

Sunpride as a fresh fruit brand of GGF in collaboration with Redkendi and Sierad Produce distributed 25,000 health ready to eat packages for the people of Greater Jakarta affected by COVID-19.

5. Care for Lampung Government and Medical Personnel 
PT. Great Giant Pineapple as a subsidiary of GGF in Lampung has distributed 131,000 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) worth IDR 2.7 billion to the Lampung Province Government in order to support the medical officers who are tasked with handling COVID-19.

Since March 2020, the Lampung GGF production site also has supported in donating extra food packages to medical personnel. A total of 393 boxes of Sunpride fruit and 587 liters of Hometown milk have been sent to hospitals for COVID-19 patients of Bandar Lampung, Metro, Kotabumi, Central Lampung, and public health centers throughout Central Lampung.

Previous to the distribution of 131,000 PPEs to the Lampung Province, the Lampung GGF production site has shown commitment to support the government of Central Lampung by distributing 32,900 PPE for government task force and medical officers.

6. Care for Lampung Community 
As a form of responsibility to communities affected by COVID-19, the company distributed 2,150 food packages worth IDR 240,000,000 to several areas in Central Lampung, East Lampung, and Gunung Katun.

In addition, the company also has distributed 200 liters of disinfectant, 150 liters of hand sanitizer, 2,500 COVID-19 preventive message in the form of stickers, posters, and banners, and 120 handwashing installations for the people of Central Lampung.


7. GGF Volunteers

As a forum for employee volunteer activities, GGF Volunteers through its fundraising efforts have collected IDR 28,411,900. The donation will be allocated and distributed in form of 200 groceries package consist of rice, noodles, vitamins, coconut oil, to communities around Central Lampung.

Great Giant Foods is the corporate arm of Gunung Sewu Group for food and agricultural products. PT Great Giant Pineapple, PT Great Giant Livestock, PT Umas Jaya Agrotama, PT Bromelain Enzyme, PT Inbio Tani Nusantara, PT Sewu Segar Nusantara, PT Sewu Segar Primatama, PT Nusantara Segar Abadi dan PT Setia Karya Transport are parts of Great Giant Foods business units. Great Giant Foods products are sold under the following brands; Sunpride for fresh fruit produce, Bonanza for protein products, Re.juve for cold-pressed juice, Hometown Dairy for dairy products and Cap Kodok for tapioca starch.