1. EWINDO Securing Seed Supply & Industry Alignment

EWINDO convincing Indonesia Seed Industry Associations to submit a letter to Indonesia National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), to propose un-hampered logistics for food and agriculture inputs. Supported by the local and central government, with the issuance of a letter from the Bupati of Purwakarta as well as the Ministry of Agriculture, EWINDO will carry out business processes effectively and safely following the Covid-19 security guideline.

  1. EWINDO’s Social Capital Initiatives

EWINDO initiate a fund-raising committee and collect employee donation and company contribution. Donations collected are used to make 2000 PPE for medical personnel in Purwakarta and another EWINDO’s working area, including making and distributing 10,000 masks for employees and related colleagues, as well as farmers in the field, and providing groceries for the surrounding community. To remain employee health condition, Management take an action by providing masker and multivitamins for the employees and their families. 

 In order to grow and produce short-lived vegetables to be distributed to the community EWINDO distributed 1000 seed pouch to Sekolah Alam Foundation throughout Indonesia. Additional action beside Covid-19 prevention, in collaboration with the local government and health office, EWINDO also carried out Dengue Fever prevention since the cases increased around Purwakarta office

With program “Panah Merah Peduli Aku dan Kamu” EWINDO continues to disseminate and educate the prevention of Covid-19, not only to internal employees, but also to the surrounding community and of course to the farmers. In order to support Covid-19 prevention, EWINDO distributed 200,000 free masks in our seed boxes.

  1. EWINDO Conduct Self-Assessment for Employee

EWINDO conducts self-assessment for employees after the long holiday of Eid Fitri and listed people who travel out of town and do activities in the crowd or public facilities. As follow up of self-assessment, some employees required undergo rapid tests, they are employees who are at risk of exposure to Covid-19, either because they are traveling from the red area of Covid-19 transmission as well as they experience being in a crowd. This rapid test is used as an initial screening for employees to make sure they are entering the company area in a healthy condition. Up to now 30 employees undergo rapid test with Non-Reactive result, means they are healthy and safe to work


Read PT Ewindo report on Covid-19 action here: