Based on the framework for a circular economy, we implement an integrated farming system. We minimize waste by utilizing the residual organic component from the production process and the biogas produced from the livestock for the plantation. With this integrated farming system, we want to ensure our production process from the plantation to distribution is more sustainable.

Aside from the environmental aspect, we also implement social responsibility through our Creating Shared Value (CSV) Program. This program allows partnerships with local farmer groups based on empowerment and mutual advantage to add value to their harvests. We want farmers to have a more stable income and prosperous lives.

We realize the concrete steps taken in achieving the SDGs through various initiatives, and we are hopeful that we can do more in the future to create more value in sustainability. Our pillars of sustainability—Great People, Great Lives, and Great World—will be our principles to maintain and ensure we do business within the corridor of sustainability.

With these remarks, let us embark on our journey in 2023 to continue creating harmonious and balanced practices that will benefit the planet and communities.