Held on December 19, 2022, in Pullman Hotel Jakarta, this event is a continuation of the previous series of activities supported by UNEP and SEA-Circular project. Executive Director of IBCSD, Indah Budiani, mentioned that this event brings hope for the sustainability of waste reduction management, especially to reduce waste at sea. “To solve the plastic waste issue requires cooperation between various parties because it is not only the responsibility of the producer but also to be resolved together with other stakeholders”, she added.

Ujang Solihin Sidik, as the Head of Sub Directorate of Producer Administration, Directorate of Waste Reduction, Directorate General of PSLB3, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, highlighted the function of Permen LHK No. 75 0f 2019 as a tool for encouraging collaboration to reduce and handling the marine waste. He said, “There has been positive progress in achieving a reduction of marine waste of 28.5%.” Through collaboration, the producers are expected to be the users of recycled packaging, the distributors and retailers will recollect the waste packaging, and the consumers are expected to live a minimal waste lifestyle.

Moreover, Christine Halim, the Chair of the Indonesian Recycling Association (ADUPI), explained the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) implementation in several countries in Europe. She mentioned that the EPR systems in those countries are good and highly supported by the government. As a plastic recycling association, ADUPI wants to increase the plastic recycling effort and improve the EPR implementation in Indonesia.

Through this event, the stakeholders ranging from the government, associations, and the private sectors are expected to strengthen collaborative action to reduce marine waste. Furthermore, the producers are expected to map the risk and opportunities to implement the Roadmap for Waste Reducing. The coaching clinic session of this event was also aiming to facilitate producers and retailers to establish a Waste Reduction Planning Document that will be implemented in their operation and submit it to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry portal for reporting.