GRASP 2030

IBCSD has been involved in the Indonesia Food Loss and Waste Action Partnership since 2018. Currently, IBCSD is calling businesses and other supportive actors along the food value chain to take action in reducing food loss and waste (FLW) through GRASP 2030.

The GRASP 2030 (Gotong Royong Atasi Susut & Limbah Pangan di 2030) is a Voluntary Agreement that will manifest private sector’s commitment to reduce FLW and make the food production and consumption to be more sustainable in Indonesia.







what’s in it for your business

  • Increase business capacity in reducing food loss and waste
  • Improve the reputation of businesses or organizations in terms of sustainability
  • Establish new connections with fellow business actors and other actors to be able to share best practices
  • Gain access to resources and tools that can be adopted for action to reduce food loss and waste
  • Support national and international agendas in achieving SDG targets
  • Improve business operation and potential financial benefits.


Core (Business) Signatories:






Associate Signatories: